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We are an established and highly credible antique business well known for our high quality and unique antiques and collectibles. Our family owned business operates with the core values of quality and honesty. One of the special things we like to include with our unique items is a brief history of the item, which is especially nice when giving a gift. 
If you are looking for a special item and do not see it in our store, please ask as we have thousands of items not yet listed. 

We wanted our customers know that at RiverRat Antiques we not only look back at history, but we look forward at the future. By purchasing an antique you are doing your part to save our planet and preserve history at the same time by purchasing and reusing an existing item. And we are do our part as well by using recyclable materials for our packaging. Our packing peanuts are made from 100% biodegradable cornstarch, our boxes are made from recyclable cardboard and our bubble wrap is 100% recyclable.
Thank you for helping to save our planet. 

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